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Do you recognize any of these dilemmas?

Poor reachability of employees

As a field service employee, mechanic in the factory or even as a colleague in the office,
internal communication can be quite a challenge.


Without a laptop, you often don’t fit in anymore. Important information does not reach you
and communicating with your colleagues is difficult.


Cooperating with colleagues and
customers could be better

How efficiently and effectively we can cooperate is determined
by information which is spread across emails, network drives and Whatsapp messages.


Information gets lost, you’re unable to find your files and
people put the right information in the wrong place.

External and internal communication is time-consuming

Keeping colleagues, customers and other stakeholders informed is mandatory for organizations.
But the proliferation of communication channels is unprecedented.


Keeping track of these channels is time-consuming and difficult,
and also causes overload, chaos inefficiency and stress.

What are the benefits for your organization?

One central platform for all

Offer employees an attractive alternative with less emails, less insecure external applications and no unnecessary ICT costs.

Make employees feel like they matter

With comvay360, you give employees tools to communicate with each other and with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. As a result, they keep in touch and stay informed. Anywhere, anytime.

The employee app that reaches places that email can’t.

Ensure that every employee and customer, regardless of role, location or device, receives the most up-to-date information and can easily communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime.


Connect and inform your entire workforce instantly through one familiar interface.


Give everyone a voice. No need to have a corporate email address or computer.

Super easy!

Comvay360 is a modular platform that can be set up quickly. Without an implementation process or costs. Within 30 minutes everyone can work with it. 

Independent & secure

Comvay360 has been developed over the past 10 years into the multifunctional communication platform it is today. It is a fully independent system that can be connected to other platforms but is not dependent on them.


Virtually all data is stored encrypted and sent encrypted.


Comvay360 processes data following the ISO27001 and complies with the AVG (GDPR).

Organizations in various sectors choose comvay360
to better communicate with colleagues and clients


Experience for yourself the
ease with our multifaceted
communication platform