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One centralized solution for personalized communication

Communicating company-wide, employment, educational or
personal information requires a secure and practical solution
with which groups and individuals can always be contacted.

Discover how comvay360 makes it possible for

Human Resources to:

Be able to
reach the non-desk
Provide employees with
the ability to communicate
directly with HR
Build a community
that strengthens
Provide easily

Your internal social media channel

TimeLine keeps you connected to colleagues and your colleagues connected to you. At any time of the day.

Social media connects people. TimeLine is the social media channel for your organization. Share with your colleagues what you are working on and stay up to date with what others are doing.


Your very own TV channel!

Start your own TV channel with comvay360. Create playlists. Manage everything remotely. Whether you control screens at your location, in Berlin or anywhere else in the world- you are completely flexible.

Broadcasts with text, images, videos and live feeds from well-known news channels. Completely in your house style. This way you control the information flow towards your employees and guests.


Indispensable and fast

Sending a quick message to a colleague, a department or a client; it works very fast and easy with the own chat function within comvay360.

Chat history is preserved so that information is not getting lost when someone leaves the organization and the information becomes available to people who are new to the organization.


The heart of your organization

Collaborate with others in Rooms. Create a room for a project, a client, a department or something else and invite colleagues and clients to join.

Mobile app

Everything under control. Wherever you are.

The download and installation is simple and self-explanatory.

Comvay360 can also be accessed via a mobile app. Stay up to date with what’s going on in your organization and your clients and other contacts.

Personal dashboard

Your own daily starter

Each user has their own dashboard – both desktop and mobile. Choose your own widgets and change the layout to your own preference and experience.

That way, you have everything organized on one screen and are up to date with the most recent changes, events or appointments.

Transform your employee and customer communications today.

Request a demo now and experience it for yourself!

Organizations in various sectors choose comvay360
to better communicate with colleagues and clients

From clay and sand to bits and bytes

How a traditional machine shop is tackling digital transformation with comvay360.