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A multifunctional platform with which
the solution is always close by

The desired information is easily available, found quickly and
easily accessible for the customer.

Discover how comvay360 makes it possible for

customer services to:

Be able to
set up a
customer portal 
Offer customers the
possibility to speak
directly with customer services
Build a community
through which customers
are heard and loyalty is strengthened
Provide easily accessible
and up-to-date

The heart of your organization

Collaborate with others in Rooms. Create a room for a project, a client, a department or something else and invite colleagues and clients to join.

Mobile app

Everything under control. Wherever you are.

The download and installation is simple and self-explanatory.

Comvay360 can also be accessed via a mobile app. Stay up to date with what’s going on in your organization, with your clients and other contacts.

Online meeting

We’re live in three, two…

Within comvay360 we offer standard video calling. Very practical. Contact people directly via online meeting. Or invite someone from the calendar.

Share a screen, use a whiteboard together or divide up the group of participants by using break-out rooms.


Indispensable and fast

Sending a quick message to a colleague, a department or a client; it works very fast and easy with the own chat function within comvay360.

Chat history is preserved so that information is not getting lost when someone leaves the organization and the information becomes available to people who are new to the organization.


All data in one secure place

The information you share through this platform is stored in our own Cloud. Easily keep track by placing information in the appropriate rooms.

The information is always accessible. Also on the go on your smartphone or tablet, or on your laptop. Incredibly convenient and very easy.

Transform your employee and customer communications today.

Request a demo now and experience it for yourself!

Organizations in various sectors choose comvay360
to better communicate with colleagues and clients

From clay and sand to bits and bytes

How a traditional machine shop is tackling digital transformation with comvay360.