Are you also looking for an integrated solution

that takes care of everything?

Decide who you communicate with, what you communicate and when you communicate.

Discover how comvay360 makes it possible for
marketing to:

Manage, plan and
publish content, campaigns
and events
Coordinate social media
and websites from
one central location
Combine intranet
and extranet
Facilitate and manage
campaigns for
email newsletters

The digital newspaper

Want a mailing program but not with bells on? Then Mailings is ideal for you. Compose your newsletter from the created news items and determine the time of publication.

Comvay360 takes care of the layout with custom made newsletter templates in your corporate identity. And obviously comvay360 provides the relevant statistics.


The heart of your organisation

Collaborate with others in Rooms. Create a room for a project, a client, a department or something else and invite colleagues and clients to join.

Mobile app

Everything under control. Wherever you are.

The download and installation is simple and self-explanatory.

Comvay360 can also be accessed via a mobile app. Stay up to date with what’s going on in your organization and your clients and other contacts.

Social media

Centrally controlled

With just the click of a button, you decide which content will be published on which social media channel.

All content for employees, customers and suppliers in one place. And from there also publishing on social media. That’s a unique feature of this platform.


Your internal social media channel

TimeLine keeps you connected to colleagues and your colleagues connected to you. At any time of the day.

Social media connects people. TimeLine is the social media channel for your organization. Share with your colleagues what you are working on and stay up to date with what others are doing.


All under control!

With comvay360’s NewsDesk, you can easily distribute a news item through various channels. With NewsDesk you keep an overview. 

You can schedule news items and – if you wish – customize them individually for each channel. 

Now that’s what’s so great about comvay360. Everything in one platform. Including the news! Whether it’s for internal or external use.

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